Website Redesign

The impetus of this project was to make it easier for the chair of the party, Fred Moran, to maintain. I initially met with him to fix a domain name issue. When he told me what he was doing, spending about an hour each day manually finding articles to copy and paste to a site that he had created in iWeb, I decided to volunteer my services to create a new site for the party.

Automation and Content Modelling

My main objective was to streamline the publishing of news articles by automatically pulling news articles from a set of feeds that Fred could select. This way Fred could, if he chose to, completely ignore the site and it would stay up to date with current news.
Before beginning I had a meeting with Fred and the rest of the executive committee to gather and prioritize other requirements and wishes for the site. I developed a content model with six different content types based on needs identified in this meeting.
The default theme was appropriate to the look they were going for, so I only performed minor tweaks to the theme.